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Sautéed clams

Sautéed clams

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Clam Sautè Recipe of 15-06-2014 [Updated on 07-02-2018]

The soute 'of clams is one of the most classic dishes to prepare with these molluscs, the recipe is very quick and simple to prepare and can be used to serve as an appetizer or to dress pasta.
The term sautè indicates the cooking technique in which the foods are sautéed in a pan over high heat thus preventing the aromas from dispersing in the cooking sauce and retaining all the flavor inside the ingredients themselves; this technique is generally used for molluscs, clams, mussels or razor clams. The saute 'of clams is something that, with the beginning of summer, I do very often because it is one of the few fish-based dishes that I eat there, in fact today we make a rich spaghetti, kisses to those who pass by here and happy Sunday;)


How to make sautéed clams

Put the clams to drain in cold salted water for at least an hour, then rinse them well under running water (click here to go to the guide)

In a large pan, fry the peeled garlic and chilli in extra virgin olive oil,

Add the clams and sauté them over high heat covered with a lid until the valves have opened

At this point, blend with the white wine and add the chopped parsley

Turn off the heat and serve the sautéed clams accompanied by croutons or slices of toasted bread.

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