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Orange cream without eggs

Orange cream without eggs

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Recipe Orange cream without eggs of 25-05-2015 [Updated on 19-06-2017]

The egg-free orange cream is ideal for filling cakes but also to be served as an accompaniment to biscuits turns out to be really greedy. This orange cream is suitable for celiacs, for my vegan friends and for all those who want to use a slightly lighter filling. I used it to fill the ivano cake that you will see in a few minutes on the blog, but given the usefulness it could have in the future, I also made a single post for her so that it can be easily found. You can use this same recipe, varying the type of fruit, to prepare creams with other flavors, for example pineapple or lemon, you just have to be careful to adjust the amount of sugar to use. Well, I'll leave you to the filling and we'll read in a few minutes for the complete cake;)


How to make egg-free orange cream

Prepare an orange juice: I had some very juicy garden oranges and I only needed 2-3, but it could also take 5 or 6.

Put the starch in a saucepan, pour the juice and stir to dissolve everything.

Add the sugar and mix.

Put the mixture on the stove and start cooking it, stirring constantly with a wooden spoon to keep it from sticking and not creating lumps.

When it has thickened well, remove it from the heat and add the margarine.

Stir vigorously to melt the margarine and make the cream smooth and shiny.

At this point you can use your cream, before it cools, to fill a cake, or you can make it cool and use it for a tart, or let it cool completely and serve it as a spoon dessert, accompanied by some cat's tongue.