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Salty Angelica

Salty Angelica

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Salted Angelica recipe by of 25-10-2014 [Updated on 09-08-2017]

The angelica salata is the rustic version of the Angelica cake of similar sisters that I proposed to you some time ago. Even in the savory version, this brioche makes it very good both aesthetically and in taste (especially in taste) so I suggest you try it and delight your family in this way;) Friends how are you cold? Here we went from sleeveless shirts and sandals from the day before, to today's down jacket and boots, resulting in a cold and sore throat for me and Elisa. Also this weekend no relaxation for me, I have three thousand errands to do and zero desire to do them but duty calls me. I leave you to the recipe of the angelica salata and I wish you a good weekend; *


How to make salted Angelica

Ingredients for the leavening:

Prepare a dough
Put the flour, yeast, sugar and water in a bowl
Knead until you get a soft dough then let it rise for 40 minutes

Add the yolks, parmesan, flour, melted butter, milk and salt to the leavening.Knead the dough for a long time until you get a soft and homogeneous dough
Form a ball and let it rise for 2 hours
Now roll out the dough on a floured pastry board forming a rectangle

Cover the surface entirely with cheeses, cold cuts and olives

roll up to form a sausage

Cut this roll in half lengthwise,

gently separate the two pieces and form a braid keeping the cut side on the outside.

Put on a baking sheet and close into a ring then let it rise for another 40 minutes

Bake the salted angelica at 180 ° in a preheated oven and cook for 30 minutes.

Let it cool and serve