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Stuffed friggitelli

Stuffed friggitelli

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Stuffed friggitelli recipe of 24-08-2011 [Updated on 04-09-2017]

The friggitelli are small elongated green peppers, they can be fried when you find them very small (here you can find the recipe for preparing fried green peppers) or stuffed if you find the quality a little higher. Stuffed friggitelli lend themselves to more fillings, the most famous are those with tuna or stuffed with minced meat as in this case, these are the stuffed friggitelli that I prepared last night for dinner, I had to make a sacrifice to turn on the oven, but it was definitely worth it because they were literally devoured;) I wanted to apologize to you for not being able to respond to your messages in time, but as you well understand it is a bit special moment and I can hardly carve out some time to stay at the pc and post new recipes, but in any case you are always in my thoughts as I read from your messages, that I am in yours: *


How to make stuffed friggitelli

Wash the friggitelli thoroughly, dry them, cut the upper part with the stalk and extract the seeds with the help of a knife.

As you clean the friggitelli, set them aside, keeping the corresponding stem.

Prepare the filling by mixing the minced meat in a bowl together with the diced provolone, the breadcrumbs, the parmesan, the egg, salt and pepper

Stir and add the diced cherry tomatoes

Fill the friggitelli with the filling obtained with the help of a teaspoon.

Arrange all the stuffed friggitelli covered with their stalk on a baking sheet sprinkled with tomato sauce.

Cover the stuffed friggitelli with tomato puree, a drizzle of oil, add salt and bake in a preheated oven at 180 ° and cook for 30 minutes

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