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Pasta with raw ham and zucchini pesto

Pasta with raw ham and zucchini pesto

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Pasta recipe with raw ham and courgette pesto of 28-06-2012 [Updated on 01-07-2013]

And here I am with the recipe for preparing pasta with raw ham and zucchini pesto, a fantastic combination. With this first course I even conquered the hubby who, given the zucchini season, asked me to prepare the zucchini pesto in abundance and freeze it to be able to eat it even in winter, unbelievable;) Being the pesto nice tasty, for the preparation of the dish I recommend you to choose a sweet raw ham, like that of Parma, otherwise you risk that the dish is too salty and it would be a real shame. Today I take this opportunity to tell you that the new site is almost ready, it took me a while but in the end I managed to have the site as I wanted it, I hope to get it put online for next week, and I really hope you like it . Greetings to those who pass by here and especially to the aficionados who spend every day on the blog even just to say hello :)


How to make pasta with raw ham and zucchini pesto

Start by preparing the courgette pesto ... tick the courgettes, cut them in 4 lengthwise and remove a bit of the central part if it has seeds

Cut the courgettes into small pieces and put them in a mixer together with the pine nuts, almonds, grated parmesan, a clove of garlic, salt and herbs

Blend everything gradually adding the oil gradually

Blend until you get a smooth and homogeneous cream

Brown a clove of garlic in a pan with a drizzle of oil and add the sliced ​​raw ham

Turn off the heat after a minute then add the previously cooked pasta in plenty of salted water and cover with the zucchini pesto

Sauté the Pasta with raw ham and zucchini pesto in a pan for a couple of minutes

Serve with a sprinkling of pepper and parmesan on plates and enjoy your meal

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