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Grilled Tomini

Grilled Tomini

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Recipe Tomini grilled by of 09-06-2019

THE grilled tomini they are an absolute delight. I hope for you that it has happened to you at least once in your life to taste them, but if it doesn't, it's time to try them. You can make them simple or, as in this case, wrapped in speck, in order to have a nice savory and super crunchy layer on the outside and a creamy, very creamy inner heart, which literally melts in your mouth.
The recipe, in addition, is disarming ease, therefore also suitable for those who are beginners in the kitchen. THE grilled tomini for me they are a delicious dish, a perfect cuddle for when you are down in the mood and don't want to waste time in the kitchen: you will see that after eating them you will immediately feel in a better mood;)

  • Doses for 2 people:


How to make grilled tomini

Take the tomini from the package and remove the paper that usually wraps them.
The external white peel should not be removed, that is also eaten.
Wrap the tomini with the slices of speck, overlapping them to create a uniform outer layer.

Heat a non-stick plate (a pan is also good) and place the tomini on top.
Cook for a few minutes on each side: the speck should become slightly crunchy without being seared.

The grilled tomini are ready: serve them immediately, hot!

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