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Provola with pizzaiola

Provola with pizzaiola

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Recipe Provola alla pizzaiola by of 14-03-2020

The Provola alla pizzaiola it is a tasty and very quick second course to make. The procedure is very simple and intuitive, it is in fact one of those very popular recipes here in Campania, that our mothers and our grandmothers before them prepared to serve a nutritious and tasty dish in a few minutes. there are 2 different versions, there are those who make it with olives and those without: I prefer to add them because I like the contrast of flavor with the sweetness of tomatoes, but if you prefer you can omit them, and maybe add oregano to respect the more classic taste of traditional pizzaiola, the choice is yours;)


How to make provola alla pizzaiola

Brown the garlic with the oil in a large pan, then add the tomatoes, salt lightly and cook over low heat for 10 minutes.
Remove the garlic and add olives and basil instead.

Add the provolone cut into thick slices and cook just long enough for it to soften, without it melting too much (1-2 minutes should be enough).

The provola alla pizzaiola is ready, add a little more fresh basil and serve.

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