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Crepes skewers with Nutella and fruit

Crepes skewers with Nutella and fruit

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Recipe Skewers of crepes with Nutella and fruit of of 13-02-2017 [Updated 13-02-2017]

These crêpes skewers are a fun and even more tempting way to eat delicious pancakes. Stuffed with Nutella and fresh fruit, they combine the greedy and the healthy on a single beautifully colored stick! Hot or cold, I find them delicious and festive, ideal for children but also for adults. I got the idea from the Nutella website, those gluttons know how to conquer "weak" palates like mine;)
Please, before anyone starts talking to me about palm oil and healthier spreads, I'll tell you right away that there is none for me, you know, I'm a fan of homemade and I've even tried making Nutella in home, but for my taste nothing is the same as her.
Yes, of course, it will not be the healthiest food in the world, but how many other products are not and yet we eat them? So in moderation I say long live the sweets and long live the Nutella: P


How to make crepes skewers with Nutella and fruit

In a bowl, mix the flour and milk and mix.

Also add the lightly beaten eggs, mixing very well.
Cover with cling film and let it rest for 15 minutes at room temperature.

Heat your plate and grease it with a little absorbent paper soaked in oil.
With a ladle at a time, cook the crepes on both sides until they are golden.

Spread Nutella on the crepes obtained, roll them up and cut them into rolls of about 3 cm.

Once the fruit has been washed and cut, stuff the skewers alternating it with the Nutella rolls.

The skewers of crepes with Nutella and fruit are ready to be served.

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