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Mojito recipe of of 18-08-2012 [Updated on 29-08-2018]

The Mojito is a cocktail of Cuban origin that has as ingredients white rum, brown sugar, lime juice, sparkling water and mint (actually a Cuba you use the hierba buena, a spontaneous herb, whose aroma is more delicate and less persistent than the mint found in our area). The original Mojito recipe is never too alcoholic as it is drunk at any time of the day mostly as a thirst quencher.
The name of this cocktail as well as its origin is very controversial. It is said that a cocktail similar to moijto was invented by the famous English pirate Sir Francis Drake in the sixteenth century, according to others it seems that the invention of the Mojito is due to Angelo Martínez, manager of the local historian "La Bodeguita del Medio"from Havana, famous for being frequented by the writer Ernest Hemingway, who was a huge fan of this cocktail. In fact, for the origin of the name, according to some it is linked to "mojo", a condiment typical of Cuban cuisine based on garlic and citrus fruits, used for marinating. Another theory links it to the voodoo term mojo, which means "spell".
Legends aside, I love this drink, it is one of my absolute favorites and on summer evenings I often prepare it for my husband and me. This is my recipe, if you like, try it and let me know. Kiss Kiss


How to make the mojito cocktail

Place two teaspoons of brown sugar and the juice of half a lime in the bottom of each mojito glass.

Mix and add 8/10 mint leaves that should not be crushed but only lightly pressed and mixed together with the juice and sugar

Now add the white rum and finally the mineral water.

Quickly mix and serve the mojito by adding ice cubes and a straw and garnish with a slice of lime and a sprig of mint.

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