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Cold couscous

Cold couscous

Cold couscous recipe of 18-07-2012 [Updated on 24-05-2016]

Cold couscous with salad is a dish that I improvised for my husband and I the other night, Ivano and I love couscous and I'm using it in all sauces. I used the precooked couscous, I flavored it with lemon juice and I seasoned everything with grilled zucchini, vegetables and herbs, I got a fresh and delicious dish in a short time. If you too are lovers of cold and light first courses, prepare my recipe for cold couscous and you will feel what summer flavor is in this dish;) good day to those who pass by here

  • Ingredients for 4 people:


How to make cold couscous

Chop the aromatic herbs and put them in a small bowl with a clove of garlic, add salt, pepper and cover with oil and leave to rest for 15 minutes

Meanwhile, cut the courgettes into slices and grill on a plate

Chop the tomatoes and green chillies deprived of seeds and stalk and slice the onion
Take a salad bowl and put all the vegetables in it
Lift the garlic clove from the chopped herb marinara and add to the vegetables.

put the couscous in a bowl together with warm water, 5 tablespoons of oil and 2 tablespoons of lemon juice.

stir until the liquid is completely absorbed then with a fork shell the couscous grains then add them to the vegetables

Mix the couscous salad and refrigerate for at least half an hour

Take back the cold couscous and serve

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