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Endive apple and pomegranate salad

Endive apple and pomegranate salad

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Recipe of endive apple and pomegranate salad of 12-11-2013 [Updated on 12-02-2015]

Just as soups are not eaten only in winter, salads are not only in summer, and in fact from this period I like to prepare salads with seasonal fruit and vegetables that are not the classic lettuce seasoned with salt, oil and lemon. Last week I made this autumn salad with endive, rocket, pomegranates, apples and pine nuts and topped it with a mapo citronette, a citrus fruit that is a cross between a mandarin and a grapefruit. As a condiment I chose the mapo because my sister brought it to me to taste it, but you can choose to use lemon or, better still, orange, you will see the taste of citrus fruits as it will enhance your salad, she liked it a lot both to me and to those who found themselves tasting it and it was passed with full marks. So if you are looking for a different salad or a refined side dish to serve on a particular occasion, this recipe is for you, try it and let me know;)


How to make the apple and pomegranate endive salad

Clean the endive by cutting off the stem, wash and dry it.

Clean the rocket and throw it in a salad bowl, cut the endive and add it too

Now add the toasted pine nuts, the pomegranate seeds and the apple slices

Prepare a citronette by mixing the mapo juice with the oil, salt and pepper, emulsifying everything well.

Pour the dressing over the endive apple and pomegranate salad

Serve to accompany fish or meat dishes.

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