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Snowmen with eggs

Snowmen with eggs

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Recipe Snowmen with Eggs of 23-12-2017 [Updated on 27-07-2018]

The snowmen with eggs are the ideal appetizer for your winter and Christmas dinners or lunches. They are prepared in a short time once you have boiled and cooled the eggs, decorating them will surely have fun! If you don't have raw ham at home, you can always opt for cooked ham, speck or any other type of cured meat you want. I assure you that in any variant they will be snapped up in no time. Even the antivigilia recipe is gone, for today my kitchen is closed, I have to dedicate myself to making the last Christmas gifts. I greet you and I send you many basins: *


How to make snowmen with eggs

Start preparing the hard-boiled eggs by boiling them in water nine minutes from the moment of boiling
Once shelled, let them cool.

Prepare the mozzarella and ham.
Stick the egg vertically with a toothpick and add a mozzarella on top to form the head.

Roll thin strips of ham around the neck of each puppet.

Now take the lumpfish roe, cherry tomatoes and carrot.
Use the latter to form small triangles to put as a nose.
Form the eyes and buttons with the caviar.
Finally, use the tomatoes cut in half to make the hats.

Your egg snowmen are ready to serve.

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