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Squid with cherry tomatoes and olives

Squid with cherry tomatoes and olives

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Calamari recipe with cherry tomatoes and olives of 26-08-2016 [Updated on 26-08-2016]

Calamari with cherry tomatoes and olives are a second fish-based dish that I love: if you buy the squid already cleaned, in 20 minutes you will have a recipe with a mouth-watering Mediterranean taste and colors ready to bring to the table;)
THE Stewed Calamari with the tomato sauce they are very easy to make and for lovers of these delicious molluscs it will be a joy to savor them.
Girls, except for a few sporadic episodes on vacation, I haven't cooked something new for almost a month, I have a truly endless list of recipes to try and I just have to find the momentum to start sautéing again. By now the week is over and I think we talk about it directly on Monday, anyway, I keep you updated, I never want the desire to cook to pass me off, right? ; D Okay, I'll leave you with today's recipe and I'll send you a kiss, we'll read later: *


How to make squid with cherry tomatoes and olives

Prepare all the ingredients: olives, capers, washed and halved cherry tomatoes, already cleaned squid.

Brown the garlic in a non-stick pan, then add the cherry tomatoes and let it cook for a few minutes.

Add the squid and cook, blending with the wine, then add salt, pepper, parsley, olives and capers and continue cooking for about ten minutes, until the sauce is well reduced.

The squid with cherry tomatoes and olives are ready, serve them immediately.

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