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Whipped cream cake

Whipped cream cake

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Whipped Cream Cake Recipe of of 11-09-2014 [Updated on 26-05-2017]

I had already prepared a cake with whipped cream in the dough, the molly cake, do you remember? But then I tried another one, Martha Stewart's whipped cream cake seen here, it looked so soft and delicious that 10 minutes after reading the recipe, the cake was already in the oven, but once it came out of the oven, I had a bad surprise, it collapsed and once overturned it broke into a thousand pieces, in short, a mega flop, despite the anger, I did not lose courage, also because the flavor was excellent, so I used it to make the filling of sour cherry biscuits. Since the site from which I had taken the recipe for the Whipped Cream Cake is valid and reliable and that many other people had tried the recipe successfully, it was immediately clear to me that the mistake had been mine, so I redid it exactly in the the same way and this time a marvel came, go and figure out what I was wrong the first time ... With today's history you can make some considerations, first point that if you don't succeed a recipe that instead comes to others well it is very likely that we are the ones to make something wrong, even if we think we have done everything right sometimes it happens that the doughs get crazy and we do not immediately have to blame the recipe, second point, to respond to those who yesterday teased me by saying that I always manage everything, well I make messes too and I have no problem saying it is just not nice to publish recipes for crushed cakes on the site;) and third point, that you must not give up at the first attempt, in the kitchen as in the for life, if we think it's worth it, it's always better to try again, don't you think? ;)


How to make whipped cream cake

In a large bowl, whip the cold cream from the fridge

Add the eggs, one at a time, waiting for the first to be well blended before adding the next. Then add the salt, vanilla and finely grated lemon peel.

Sift the flour with the sugar and the baking powder and add it to the dough a little at a time

Gently mix with a wooden spoon until the mixture is smooth.

Pour the mixture into a greased and floured donut mold.

Bake the whipped cream cake in a preheated oven at 180 degrees for about 40 minutes.

Let cool, then turn the cream cake upside down on a serving dish, sprinkle with vanilla icing sugar and serve.

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