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Rocket pesto

Rocket pesto

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Rocket pesto recipe from of 22-07-2011 [Updated on 01-03-2017]

The rocket pesto is a condiment that I wanted to try for some time, instead of using pine nuts, I decided to put the almonds and the result was a pesto with a spicy and sweet flavor at the same time. You can use the rocket pesto to season the pasta, adding a little cooking water to dilute it at the moment, or you can serve it spread on croutons or adding a spoonful to flavor your salads, in all cases it will enrich yours. dishes with a delicate but at the same time particular flavor.
If you want to make large quantities of it, you can transfer everything into small single-portion glass jars, freeze and use a jar every now and then if necessary, I do this when I prepare Genoese pesto and it lasts me all winter: P


How to make rocket pesto

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Clean the rocket, wash it, dry it and set it aside
In a blender put the almonds together with the pecorino, the parmesan, the garlic clove and 50 ml of extra virgin olive oil.

Mix everything at maximum speed until you get a cream.

Remove the cream from the jug and add the chopped rocket and start blending everything.

Gradually add the remaining olive oil to the rocket pesto.

Now add the almond and cheese cream and continue mixing until a homogeneous cream is obtained.

Transfer the rocket pesto to a bowl and place it in the fridge covered with a film where it will keep for a few days.

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