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Fruit ice cream cake

Fruit ice cream cake

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Recipe Fruit Ice Cream Cake by of 23-08-2015 [Updated on 03-10-2018]

The fruit ice cream cake was born from a wild recycling, before leaving for the holidays I took a tour to see what was to be disposed of and among the many recipes I made in empty fridge mode, this cake also came out ice cream. The recipe is very simple, you will need fresh fruit, sponge cake or bread for sandwiches (yes, I know, it sounds strange to you, but I assure you it was fine), a dip and some ice cream to the taste of your choice, me I had 2 half trays with strawberry and lemon flavor that occupied my freezer and I proceeded to use them :) Last night we found a Greek tavern with traditional family-run cuisine, I ate the best moussaka ever, a great tzatziki and a couple of new dishes that I had never tasted and that I will reproduce once I return home;) well after having spent the last few days touring the island far and wide, today just sea and relaxation, I greet you and wish you a happy Sunday : *

  • Ingredients for a 15x15 mold:


How to make fruit ice cream cake

Prepare a syrup with water and sugar, as soon as it has cooled, add the rum.

Peel a kiwi and cut it into slices.
Line a square mold with cling film, then place the kiwi slices side by side.

Cover with lemon ice cream and level as much as possible.

Then brush the slices of sandwich bread with the obtained syrup and cover with a first layer.

cover with strawberry ice cream

Finally, close with a slice of sandwich bread soaked in rum.

Cover the cake with cling film and place in the freezer for at least an hour.

Turn over onto a serving plate and serve your fruit ice cream cake.

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