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A family meal with Food Tube’s Kerryann

A family meal with Food Tube’s Kerryann

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All books need to tell a great story, even cookbooks. Food is all about memories, emotions and connections. It makes us happy, brings people together and even changes lives. And that’s certainly true of Kerryann Dunlop, one of the Food Tube stars offered the chance to publish their own Family Cook book with Penguin.

As one of the original 15 apprentices at Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen, the only thing more obvious than her exceptionally ballsy approach to life was her talent in the kitchen. She went from a poor background and limited prospects to a fully qualified chef and a job at the exclusive Baker & Spice café and bakery. But a few years later she gave it all up for her kids.

For some that might seem like the end of a career. However, that’s where the story of Kerryann’s book begins. Kerryann learnt a lot at Fifteen, but her love of food comes from a source much closer to home, and that’s the inspiration behind her Family Cook Book, which came out yesterday.

“I’ve always loved cooking. I’d always be in the kitchen, looking at what my Mum and Nan were cooking, and it’s from them that I learnt how to cook. A lot of the recipes in this book are versions of my Mum’s and Nan’s, who passed down their knowledge to me.”

Kerryann’s book is full of the kind of recipes that families are crying out for. There are 50 classic recipes, each with a little twist that makes them special to Kerryann – from Chilli con veggie to Turkish-style couscous, and one of her all-time favourites, Cheesy potato pie with pimped-up baked beans. All quick, easy and delicious dishes that are perfect for kids.

That may sound like a bit ask, but as Jamie has always said, a little knowledge goes a long way. Knowing a few dishes can set you up for life, as you experiment with those recipes to make them your own, or branch out with new ideas and flavours. All the time you can rest assured you know exactly what is going into your meals because you cooked them, and you’ll keep a lid on costs too.

“Since having kids, my cooking has become much more family orientated – I don’t want them to eat ready-meals and processed food, I want to feed them like my Mum fed me. I grew up on good home-cooked food and it was my Mum and Nan who showed me that it’s more than possible to make good food on a budget.”

With Jamie’s latest book, Save With Jamie, being all about saving money without compromising on flavour or nutrition, Kerryann’s new style is right up his street. The fact that such lovely recipes come from someone brought up in a home full of good, home-cooked food backs up his argument that teaching kids to cook is the best way to combat obesity. Being part of Jamie’s world has kept Kerryann’s childhood dream of being a professional chef alive – now culminating in her first ever book. Since quitting the commercial kitchens she’s appeared in lots of Jamie’s shows, including Jamie’s School Dinners and Jamie & Jimmy’s Food Fight.

“As a child, I was obsessed with watching cookery programmes on the TV and, from a young age, Delia Smith was my favourite but as I got older, Jamie took over. He was young and always excited about what he was doing, which made him really easy to relate to.

“He is just an amazing bank of knowledge, and his passion for food and what he does is so contagious. He’s never been unable to answer any question I’ve asked him, and he always explains things in such a way that’s impossible not to understand. He is a perfect teacher.”

So if Jamie never inspired you, it’s now time for Kerryann to have a go. You can buy her book here.


Enjoying great meals shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg or take all afternoon. Learn to eat well on a budget with Good Cheap Eats. Through budget recipes, money-saving strategies, and time-saving tips, we’ll equip you to make the most of every minute and every grocery dollar.


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The Family Cook Book, Kerryann Dunlop

The Family Cook Book is the first book in the series of Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube books. Kerryann was a student at Fifteen and joined in their first year. She now works in a children’s nursery and says “you don’t need lots of money to eat well – you just need to be clever about how you shop and how you cook” (paraphrased).

The book contains 50 no-nonsense recipes every household needs and is divided into 5 categories. Before Kerryann gets on to the recipes she shares tips for making food fun, which include getting your children involved and sitting down to eat as a family – something we really believe in. In the breakfast section I am going to try the cornmeal porridge (p28) as it is made with coconut milk. For snacks and quick fixes, which include both sweet treats and healthy snacks, the menemen Turkish style eggs (p50) caught my attention as I love eggs done this way for a special breakfast. It is worth noting that these contain chillies, something most kids do not have a palate for. Batch cooking is a great concept for working mums and the recipes here include roasted tomato soup (p62), cottage pie (p66) and majestical mac ‘n’ cheese (p70). For dinner time there is homemade fish fingers (p86), roast chicken dinner (p88) and salmon and pea risotto (p102) which all show that home made is always best. I will definitely try the griddled courgettes (p108) and the honey and cumin-roasted carrots (p122) from the sides as it is great to have new ideas for the vegetables we eat.

Even though this book was sent to me by Penguin Books South Africa to review, I am not allowed to publish a recipe from the book due to it being an international publication. I did however test the recipe for oat and raisin cookies (p42), substituting the golden syrup for honey and the caster sugar for fructose. I made half of the recipe as only Dave and I would be enjoying this treat and it made 20 cookies. The recipe states it will make 26. We enjoyed the cookies, which were not very crunchy but were very tasty. This is a great book for any new mum, who wants to learn to cook for her family.

Publishing information:

Disclosure: I was sent the book to review by Penguin Books South Africa. I was not required to write a positive review. This post is in line with my blogging policy.

Jamie Oliver's Food Tube presents The Family Cookbook, packed with 50 wholesome, hearty and everyday recipes to please the whole family

'Kerryann is a big character with a tone and style that's warm, motherly and gentle - with these recipes and her thrifty family tips and tricks, you'll have a bunch of recipes that'll serve you well for years to come' Jamie Oliver

Kerryann's no-nonsense approach to creating comforting family meals show that it's not hard to eat delicious food on a tight budget.

She also has plenty of tips and tricks to get the most out of simple ingredients, making The Family Cookbook a staple in any home.

Her no-fuss recipes for delicious family classics include:

Revolutionise your family cooking with The Family Cookbook, using simple and scrumptious recipes that will get the whole family involved.
show more

7 Unexpected Benefits of Eating Together as a Family, According to Science

Sitting down for a family meal (and no, it doesn't necessarily have to be dinner) has resounding benefits for both kids and their parents.

Eating meals together just might be the ultimate parenting hack. What else can you do in an hour that will improve your kids&apos academic performance, increase their self-esteem, and reduce their risk of substance abuse, depression, teen pregnancy, and obesity?

Over the last two decades, study after study has shown that simply taking a few minutes each day to turn off screens and genuinely connect with each other over food can improve the physical and mental health of all family members involved.

Want proof? Here&aposs some of the most recent research showing the benefits of eating together as a family.

Sitting down to share a meal with family members can be the perfect time to talk about each other’s days, share a laugh, and most importantly, instill valuable lessons about kindness and compassion. One tip for getting the convo kicked off? Consider what charities you and your kids might want to contribute to—and start a piggy bank to save up for a donation.

1. It teaches your kids better eating habits.

A recent study in JAMA Network Open shows that eating meals with family members is associated with a better diet overall, especially among adolescents. Teens who ate with family were more likely to consume more fruits and vegetables and less fast food and sugary beverages. These findings apply regardless of how functional or dysfunctional a family is, according to the study.

2. It can prevent serious psychosocial issues. 

In other words, according to a� review by a group of Canadian researchers, frequent family dinners can prevent issues with eating disorders, alcohol and substance use, violent behavior, depression,ਊnd suicidal thoughts in adolescents. Young female study participants were especially likely to reap the benefits of family meals.

3. It can curtail weight struggles in adulthood. 

A study published in the Journal of Pediatricsਏound a direct correlation between the frequency of shared family meals in adolescence and reduced odds of obesity or weight issues 10 years later, especially among black teens. The study concludes that families should attempt to gather for at least one or two meals each week to help protect their kids from weight struggles later in life.

4. It can improve children&aposs self-esteem. 

The security provided by regularly breaking bread as aꃺmily can help children feel more confident in themselves, according to experts at Stanford Children&aposs Health, a pediatric health-care system򠫿iliated with Stanford Medicine and Stanford University. By encouraging your children to talk about their day (and genuinely listening to their responses), you&aposre communicating that you value and respect who they are. Children should be allowed to choose their own seats and encouraged to assist with chores associated with dinnertime, whether setting the table, serving the food, or cleaning up.

5. It improves communication skills. 

A 2018 Canadian study that followed a group of children from infancy through childhood found that participants whose families had positive meal experiences at age 6 showed a range of positive benefits by age 10. Besides general health and fitness, the social interaction and discussions of current issues at the table can make kids better communicators, noted the study&aposs supervisor, Université de Montrບl pyschoeducation professor Linda Pagani, in a Science Daily interview.

6It can help kids bounce back from cyberbullying. 

Research published in JAMA Pediatrics, based on a survey of nearly 19,000 students, found clear associations between cyberbullying and anxiety, depression, and substance abuse. And with as many as one in five young people experiencing some form of cyberbullying, that&aposs a major problem. However, teens who ate dinner with their families (ideally four or more times each week) reported fewer problems as a result of being਋ullied. The study authors note that the regular family contact facilitates more parental guidance and open communication between kids and their parents.

7. It can be used to supplementꃺmily therapy. 

For families who are undergoing therapy together, their shared dinner habits can provide valuable insights on their dynamics to therapists,򠫌ording to a 2016 study. In addition, families can be encouraged to take lessons learned during therapy to the dinner table, experimenting with new roles and communication patterns.

70+ Best Casserole Recipes That Make Weeknight Dinner Plans a Breeze

Those of us who have to plan out the family dinner night after night are always on the lookout for recipes that are a) easy, b) nourishing, and c) crowd pleasers. And nothing hits all three of those qualities better than a hot, fresh casserole straight out of the oven. That's why we've rounded up our all-time favorite casserole recipes. These are the best we have: the ones that are largely hands-off, that don't cost an arm and a leg to make, that are packed with good-for-you ingredients, and most importantly are absolutely delicious. Filled with your favorite ingredients, these spring, summer, winter, and fall casserole recipes will make dinner&mdashand lunch the next day&mdasha total breeze. What's more, these easy casserole recipes can even do triple duty as breakfast. Imagine waking up to the heavenly aroma of a French toast casserole, a cheesy zucchini bake, or a classic breakfast casserole with spicy turkey sausage, flavorful mushrooms, and juicy tomatoes. Yum! We've also got chicken casserole recipes and healthy casserole recipes, like a potato and Manchego casserole with maple bacon that your kids won't believe is actually lightened up.

Of course, you don't just have to view these fast casserole recipe ideas as fuel for your family. We've also got decadent, over-the-top ideas that work just as beautifully at a fall dinner party. Impress your guests with a cheesy Caprese casserole (tomatoes, balsamic vinegar, and two types of cheese are the secret ingredients!), or try a Southern-inspired yellow squash casserole that's as pretty as it is delicious.

Lasagna: The original casserole! This one-pan version earns its place at your table by being not only delicious, but easy and, at just 40 minutes from prep to table, pretty fast, too!

Baked mac is the elegant version of the weeknight stovetop variety. Don't skip the cauliflower, it gives this dish an even richer, cheesier taste.

What is the Terri-Ann 123 diet plan?

Terri-Ann was a frustrated mum who was struggling to fit dieting around her hectic life, and so developed the Terri-Ann 123 diet plan for women just like her.

The programme works on a simple basis: by sticking to clean, healthy ingredients and restricting and reintroducing foods in stages, you can lose weight without ever depriving yourself.

‘You shouldn’t be hungry whilst following the plan as you’ll be receiving all the energy you need from wholesome, nutritious food,’ she told GoodtoKnow.

‘This was something that is so important to me when the plan was conceived, particularly as a busy mum running around after my kids!’

Here’s the ABC on the Terri-Ann 123…

Jamie's Food Tube: The Family Cookbook

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Easy Family-Friendly Mains

Shake up your dinnertime routine with these crowd-pleasing picks.

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Crispy Sheet Pan Gnocchi with Sausage and Peppers

Broil ( instead of boil) gnocchi in this quick sheet pan dinner. Peppers, onions, tomatoes and sausage are the perfect base for petite potato dumplings, crusted with Parmesan .

Pesto Chicken Skillet Supper

This speedy dinner packs so much flavor. The natural sweetness of c orn and tomatoes is balanced with savory basil pesto. F reshly grated Parmesan adds the perfect pop of saltiness.

Chicken and Dumplings

Rachael uses convenient items, like store-bought chicken stock and biscuit mix, to whip up a comforting dish that&rsquos ready to eat in less than an hour.

Mexican Frittata

Pulled Pork

This pulled pork dish is sure to be a hit with the entire family. To give your pork shoulder a beautifully smoky flavor, rub it on all sides with chili powder.

Shortcut Chicken Enchiladas

This dish whips store-bought rotisserie chicken, salsa and beans into a quick enchilada bake that is ready in less than an hour. It's a great use for that leftover half of a chicken, but if you have a whole chicken, you can easily double the recipe to make 8 to 12 servings.

Broccoli with Bow Ties and Peas

Sheet-Pan Glazed Meat Loaf

Cooking meatloaf in a sheet pan cuts down the cooking time dramatically, making this a perfect weeknight dinner. Shaping it thin and flat ensures that you get enough sticky-sweet glaze in every bite.

Sausage and Broccolini Pizza Pockets

The recipe for weeknight dinner success? Pizza pockets, stuffed with sweet Italian sausage and three different cheeses.

Beef and Cannellini Bean Minestrone

Cauliflower Parmesan

This delicious, hearty cauliflower parm doesn't skimp on the flavor and will satisfy everyone, from vegetarians to the most die-hard carnivore.

Taco Pizza

Round and Round Pasta

Sheet Pan Caprese Chicken

This one-sheet wonder is ready in under an hour &mdash and won&rsquot leave your sink full of dirty dishes!

Venetian Rolled Pizza

Chicken Fajita Pasta

Creamy, crunchy, and perfectly seasoned, this fajita-inspired skillet pasta makes a quick and easy dinner any night of the week.


Egg Foo Young

Pierogi and Squash Stew

You know the stash of pierogies in your freezer? Use them to squash your hunger when you make this s a tisfying, crave-worthy meal.

Instant Pot Cheesy Pasta and Chicken

Classic dishes, like macaroni and cheese, are a great base to sneak in extra veggies and meats. This dish calls for fresh broccoli and chicken breast, plus two types of cheese and plenty of pasta.

Roast Chicken

You just can't go wrong with roast chicken. To make this herby version, stuff yours with thyme, rosemary, garlic, shallots, bay leaves and lemon wedges.

Corn and Cheese Chowder

Burger Spaghetti

Bean, Cauliflower and Cheese Burritos

Make Marcela Valladolid's cheesy burritos part of your family's weekly dinner rotation. Purple cauliflower introduces great color to the dish, and her quick recipe for Chorizo Refried Beans will transform any basic burrito into an irresistible, meaty treat.

Spanish Shrimp and Rice

Shrimp is an excellent choice when you don&rsquot have a lot of time to cook: it&rsquos versatile, crowd-pleasing, and ready in a flash.

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No matter what you’re looking for, you’re sure to find something in these cheap and easy dinner recipes that your family will love!

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