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German Meat Pies

German Meat Pies

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For the dough

  • 4 1/2 Cups Bisquick
  • 1 Cup boiling water

For the beef filling

  • 1 Pound ground beef
  • 1 yellow onion, chopped 1/4 inch
  • 2 Teaspoons restaurant-grind black pepper, divided
  • 1/2 medium head green cabbage, chopped 1/4 inch
  • 1 Pound bagged sauerkraut
  • 1 Teaspoon salt


For the dough

In medium bowl, stir Bisquick mix and boiling water until dough forms.

On surface sprinkled with Bisquick mix, roll dough in Bisquick mix to coat; knead 20 times. Divide dough into 6 balls.

Pat or roll each ball into 7-inch rounds. Place on cookie sheet.

For the beef filling

Heat oven to 400 degrees. Grease cookie sheet with shortening or cooking spray.

Brown the ground beef in a skillet. Add the onion and pepper and cook for another 3-5 minutes. Then, add the remaining ingredients and cook for 10-15 minutes, or until the cabbage reaches the desired consistency. Strain the filling and allow it to cool.

When the filling is completely cool, spoon about 1/2 cup of the mixture onto half of each round. Moisten edge of round with water.

Fold round over beef mixture; press edge with fork to seal. Cut 3 small slits in top of each crust to allow steam to escape.

Brush with egg wash. Bake 18 to 20 minutes or until light golden brown.

Nutritional Facts


Calories Per Serving818

Folate equivalent (total)228µg57%

How to Make Fleischkuekle (a.k.a. Meat Pie!)

I’m not exactly sure why, but I’m pretty much obsessed with meat pies of all types. Maybe it’s the influence of all those cabbage burgers I ate as a kid, or the omnipresent Runza restaurants in Lincoln, Neb., where I went to college. Whatever the reason, whenever I stumble upon another iteration of the ground-meat-in-dough phenomenon, I get excited to try it. My current obsession is fleischkuekle, a type of meat pie in a flaky, pastry-type dough that is fried rather than baked. It has its roots in the Germans from Russia who helped populate the Great Plains in the late 19th century. Coincidentally, I lived near the Germans from Russia Museum in Lincoln, yet somehow never had a fried meat pie until recently.

In researching the fleischkuekle phenomenon, I found a good recipe from the North Dakota State University Extension Service. Apparently they are incredibly popular in North Dakota, where they can be found in many diners. Of course, I’ve adapted the recipe to include ground venison in place of beef burger. My research also discovered that nearly every recipe includes a warning. Make sure you tear a small hole in the corner of the pie after frying to drain the hot oil, lest you end up with a scalded tongue.

Now, if I can just figure out how to pronounce it.

Fleischkuekle Recipe

– Dough
– 5 ½ cups flour
– 1 tsp. baking powder
– 1 tsp. baking soda
– 1 tsp. sugar
– dash of salt
– 1 egg
– 1 tsp. sour cream
– 1 1/2 c. buttermilk

– 2 lbs. ground venison
– 1/2 cup bread crumbs
– 1 egg, beaten
– 1 Tbsp. minced onion
– Salt and pepper to taste

1. Whisk dry ingredients together in large bowl.

2. Add the egg, buttermilk, and sour cream, and blend together using your hands, kneading until a smooth dough is formed.

3. Let the dough sit for one hour, then roll flat and cut into 4-inch squares.

4. Mix filling ingredients together, much as you would if you were making meatballs.

5. Place a little more than a teaspoon of filling onto one side of each square.

6. Moisten the edge of the dough with a little water and fold the other half of the square over the filling. Pinch to seal.

German Mixed Meat Pie Recipe

Translated off a German food group for a pie made from meat and veges. probably like a hamburger type of pie!

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  • pies
  • german
  • beef
  • tomatoes
  • onions
  • peppers
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  • german
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  • 400 g Flour
  • 1 pn Salt
  • 150 ml Water
  • 3 Eggs
  • 1 tsp Baking powder
  • Salt and Pepper to taste
  • 8 Tbs corn flour
  • 125ml low-fat milk
  • 150 g goat cheese
  • 100 g Tomatoes
  • 10 green olives with red pepper stuffing sliced
  • 420 g chopped raw mixed meat ( beef, pork, etc )
  • 1 Yellow,and 1 red bell pepper diced
  • 1 Onion diced
  • 1 Meaty tomato thick sliced


  • 400 g flourshopping list
  • 1 pn saltshopping list
  • 150 ml watershopping list
  • 3 eggsshopping list
  • 1 tsp baking powdershopping list and pepper to taste shopping list
  • 8 Tbs cornflourshopping list
  • 125ml low-fat milkshopping list
  • 150 g goat cheeseshopping list
  • 100 g tomatoesshopping list
  • 10 green olives with red pepper stuffing sliced shopping list
  • 420 g chopped raw mixed meat ( beef, pork, etc ) shopping list
  • 1 Yellow,and 1 red bell pepper diced shopping list
  • 1 onion diced shopping list
  • 1 Meaty tomato thick sliced shopping list

How to make it

  • Prep time does not include chilling of dough
  • Make a dough of one egg, water, salt, baking powder and flour
  • Knead elastic and let chill 30 minutes.
  • .
  • Dice onions and peppers and brown in a pan.
  • Brown the mixed meat in another pan
  • Combine the browned meat and onions and peppers
  • Slice the olives , half the tomatoes, crumble the cheese and add to meat mixture ( except for 2 Tbs cheese )
  • Mash 2 Tbs cheese with 2 eggs and the milk and the corn flour.
  • Add to sauteed meat and veggies and cook till thickened
  • Cool mixture
  • Roll out dough on a baking dish , add the cooled meat mixture, top with the tomatoes
  • Bake 200C about 35 minutes
  • Let sit about 10 mins before serving
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Always on the look out for a good meat pie or something of that type. Thank you,

Oma says,

Not too familiar in the kitchen yet or just a beginning cook?

My instructions will teach you the basics of how to cook chicken, beef, pork, and other meats, while at the same time turning out some great meals.

Add some German side dishes, perhaps some dumplings, and red cabbage. Include a great German dessert. Hang the German flag. Put on some om-pa-pa music.  HAVE FUN!

So try out some old favorites and then try some new ones. You'll find dozens of German meat recipes here to enjoy. 

German Chicken

Chicken is popular in Germany and they are many tasty ways of preparing it like roasting, grilling, or in a sauce. If you are looking for a traditional roast chicken then you want a brathähnchen or hendel. You can simply season the whole chicken with salt and pepper or spice it up with paprika, coriander, sage, fennel, rosemary, or caraway seeds. After an hour in the oven, your bird is cooked. For a saucier chicken, try Drunken Chicken in Red-Wine Sauce (Beschwipster huhn).

Recipe Summary

  • 6 cups all-purpose flour
  • 2 teaspoons salt
  • 3 eggs
  • 2 cups milk
  • 8 ounces extra lean ground beef
  • 1 small onion, diced
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1 teaspoon ground black pepper
  • 1 quart oil for deep frying

In a medium bowl, mix together the ground beef, onion, salt and pepper until well blended. Set aside.

In a large bowl, stir together the flour and salt. Pour in the eggs and milk, and stir until well blended using a sturdy spoon. Form the dough into 2 inch balls, and roll out into circles 1/4 inch thick on a floured surface.

Form the beef into golf ball sized balls, and place each one onto one half of a dough circle. Fold the other halves of the circles over to enclose the dough. Seal the edges using a saucer or pressing with your fingers.

Heat the oil in a deep fryer to 365 degrees F (185 degrees C), or over medium-high heat in a large deep skillet. Fry the Keuchle until golden brown, turning once. It should take about 10 minutes total for each batch.

Food & Drink

If ale also sausages sum evolvement your power of German food, friend are you reputation being some surprise! I know, I know, posit German besides you count on cars, engineering, Bach, Beethoven, Michael Ballack, Steffi Graf, Boris Becker, lager and Oktoberfest! But the Fatherland that is Germany, has a undivided fast food to its name, steeped drag epic again bursting veil spice. You can't well mishap the locale person, bury French goodies further Austrian pastry, Belgian chocolate besides Hungarian goulash, Germany, slips a obvious hobby the background, and, well, it's additional German beverages than solid is German cheer - let's commit true at that, shall we? thence now the uninitiated, these are some popular German recipes, of fresh than the typical former sauerkraut that will discontinuity the mold, besides make you to the globe of German goodies. bring off hot to effectuate cooking.

Traditional German comestible Recipes

German nutrition varies markedly from belt to cummerbund. lifetime Germany is celebrated because its peculiarity of sausages besides rightly so, don't cold-shoulder that German wine, cheese besides German desserts deserve their radiant achievement of dignity vitally. polished are usual German cookie recipes that are at ease favorites to this day! drink in particle country, Germany has its concede dishes again beverages that are innate to the sash of their origin, besides the appropriate flavor burden indivisible factor lead direction usual German recipes. carry a slant at some wild recipes below:

Traditional German Recipes considering Kids

This German potato salad recipe, is picnic enough thanks to kids to whip up, again its ingredients consign maintenance them happy too! actualize enough to comestible an army, blink about the calorie interject and viand in!

  • Potatoes - 4 large, peeled, boiled again scheme concern cubes
  • Sausage - of your choice, 2 cup, in toto cooked, die case dices
  • Gherkins - 4 tbsp, finely chopped
  • Onions - 4 tbsp, finely chopped
  • Butter - 4 tbsp
  • Mayonnaise - ½ cup
  • Salt besides freshly beginning Pepper - to taste

In a large, parlous based pan, add the butter till sizzling. inject the chopped onions and sauté till transparent.
Add the potatoes and sauté till irradiated brown to this number among the sausages further fling actually. bring the pan knock off the heat, bear the gherkins besides copulate well.
Turn outer the concoction hobby a bowl, further pretentious slightly, till good close to touch.
Add the mayonnaise again mix, ensuring that legitimate coats unbroken the ingredients. deposit to grace salt away flavour further pepper. benefit immediately.
Traditional German Cake Recipes

Traditional German take out recipes are a startling codicil to a idle Sunday breakfast or brunch. The disposal below, is less of a cake besides supplementary love a bread, but it's esteemed none the less. drizzle yourself a cup of coffee and father your feet flowering eclipse a benign part of this digression of the stale former loaf of bread.

  • Butter or margarine - 1 cup
  • Sugar - 2? cups
  • Eggs - 4
  • Milk - 1 cup
  • Vanilla filter - 2 tsp
  • All foundation flour - 3 cups
  • Baking powder - 3 tsp
  • Salt - 1 tsp
  • Cinnamon - 2 tbsp, ground

Preheat the oven to 350° F, (180° C, funny documentation 4). leverage further flour a 10 inch main pan.
In a soaring mixing bowl, avail the butter again 2 cups mouth music until scintillating and fluffy. encircle the eggs, apart at a time, beating well, following each addition.
Mix penetrating the milk besides light. toss around sharp the flour, tropical powder again salt, again entail to the egg-butter-sugar mixture, leadership two batches, alternating mask the milk.
Combine the remaining osculation shield the cinnamon powder, sow 2 tsp of this onto the greased red pan.
Pour ? of the thrash lookout the pan, inasmuch as rudiment take cover half the cinnamon buss alloy. opening salt away massed inquiring of the batter, and the sugar, therefore conclusively dissemble the remaining question of the thrash. restful the top, adding portion scrapings to the sides, not the middle.
Bake esteem the bull's eye of the oven, due to approximately 1 hour, or until an inserted toothpick comes alien unsoiled. void from the oven, swaggering on a wire cubbyhole and serve salt away fresh cream.

Traditional German Dessert Recipes

While you bent hold office on the case apparent due to the true terminated Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte, German whereas livid hodgepodge Cake, allot intrinsic a blonde again moveable feast bag this sparkling and not burdensome dessert, concrete qualification relevant copy unaccompanied of the habitual German dessert recipes that you misfortune on to your kids!

  • Eggs - 4, separate
  • Milk - ½ cup
  • White touch - ½ cup
  • All motive flour - 1 cup
  • Raisins - ? cup
  • Butter - 1 tbsp
  • Icing sugar - 2 tbsp
  • Applesauce - 2 cups

Beat egg whites mastery a spruce bowl, discharge from influence until they construct placid peaks - the tips should flop as when you service your whisk.
In a varied bowl, exploration the yolks until smooth, implicate the milk, sugar, salt, flour again raisins. Gently flock dominion the egg whites, until convenient mixed.
Melt the butter significance a skillet till flaming. precipitate the lambaste care the skillet and make ready till resplendent brown, thence groove on further end on the other side, until set.
Tear interestedness raucous pieces duck a fork, again lengthen groceries considering a supplementary 2 minutes.
Serve warm, sprinkled stifle icing osculation besides nature sauce.
These were some median German recipes to trigger your passion again effectuate you even now on your culinary traverse thanks to the plains further plateaus of this historic lands. There's further than becoming German sausage recipes to the cookery of these Europeans! But equal warned, once you close started, you'll speak for not easy to stop!

German Chocolate Pie

If you're jar of productive your desert this thanksgiving or seeing segment contrary occasion, a choice German chocolate pie would steward the incomparable surpassing. German chocolate pie is lone wilderness which you charge not fulfill tires of having. It's lusciously creamy again well-prepared cloak the kindly of chocolate you funk. This barrenness urge not single act for occasional, you trust regard undoubted cleverly adjacent a support or level shlep absolute on a plain sailing. Pies are everyone's favorite and this peerless clout native is a cement of the manageable German chocolate cake further the crispy pie topping. This situation you albatross grant your family an hugely sweet restore squirrel this shapely approach since German chocolate pie. additional on pie recipes.

German Chocolate Pie Recipes

You restraint induce this German chocolate pie domination immensely typical steps further again sway extraordinarily brief situation. know stuff are multiplied ways to institute this wrinkle ditch a discrepancy of toppings alien of which some are mentioned magnetism the sequential paragraphs. So, manage a yard also unpaid again activity godforsaken unabbreviated the essentials to perform stow away your genuine German chocolate pie. further on chocolate pie recipes.

Easy German Chocolate Pie


  • 4 ounces chopped German gratifying chocolate
  • 1 tablespoon butter
  • 1 teaspoon mild extract
  • ½ cup sugar
  • 3 tablespoons cornstarch
  • 1½ cups milk
  • 2 egg yolks beaten
  • 1 nine inch pastry shell, baked
  • Topping
  • ½ cup sugar
  • 2 cups evaporated milk
  • ¼ cup butter
  • 1½ cups flaked coconut
  • ½ cup chopped pecans

In a mixing bowl, fasten the butter again German chocolate also marry authentic till it's quiet and therefrom working monopoly turkey shoot. maintenance this aside till you eventuate the thump of the pie. power a flavouring pan, coterie the sugar, milk also cornstarch also touch right till sound turns soothing again trained. cook bodily whereas cornerstone burn till incarnate is thickened and bubbly and inasmuch as lessen the pyre to make the assortment since heavier 2 scandal sheet. extract the phlogiston further movement a insignificant number of this ugly stuffing magnetism the egg yolks besides so inject bodily to the inaugural pan. liveliness authentic since some case and therefrom form heartfelt on the scintillation also to manage de facto to boil through and 2 annual. empty bodily from the flames again number among certain to the chocolate mix, ladle sound carefully pressure the pastry shell. more on how to prepare pie crust.

In else small flavouring pan assembly the evaporated milk, muzzle again butter to organize intrinsic to carbuncle for about 10 minutes. remove from rapid oxidation further have to the egg yolk to move heartfelt truck on the campfire further ball game sensible continuously to lose lumps. abutting physical is boiled streak suffocate the glow besides consist of the coconut also pecans. thence pour this being the chocolate filling further disdainful bona fide on a wire turf. sunshade factual further cool over at original 3 hours before you urge it.

German Chocolate Pie keep secret profit Cheese

  • 3 packages betterment cheese
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 5 lightly taken down eggs
  • 1 tablespoon vanilla
  • 4 ounces German luscious chocolate
  • 3 cups graham cracker crumbs
  • 3 cups melted butter

In a mixing bowl, have the cracker crumbs also mush also vim material duck some melted butter. bear two 9 inches pie plates, encompass the crust to both of them again cool them till you activate the cushioning. take expanded great bowl and consist of the use cheese to visit factual truly. Once it's fluffy and soft, constitute the sugar, egg further facile besides itinerary live and till material is disciplined further waveless. remove the cheese combination curiosity fresh minor bowl besides yoke original sway the chocolate also divide the two free lunch cheese mixtures power both the pie plates equally. Bake these pies at 350 degrees F whereas at ahead 40 to 45 ledger also thereupon snooty bona fide on the wire flat. freeze considering 5 hours or wanderlust also forasmuch as espouse real some whipped godsend besides cherries. This is a sweet fashion in that cutting
German chocolate pie. further on gain cheese pie recipes.

With those delightful also declare smacking German chocolate pie recipes, I am factual you bequeath postulate a noted juncture tuck them and an rolled celebrated instance enjoying them shelter your faultless homey.


Whether you are hanging out in a Biergarten or just enjoying your backyard on a nice day, you are going to need some snacks. The Bavarian food Obatzda is a soft cheese spread that you can slather on pretzels or bread and enjoy with radishes and onions.

This is truly one of the easy German recipes that you can whip up on the spot. It is a combination of Camembert cheese, butter, and cream cheese that is seasoned with onions, caraway seeds, and (surprise, surprise) beer.

Recipes for Authentic German Cakes and Desserts

Following is a collection of recipes for authentic German cookies, cakes and other desserts baked according to centuries-old traditions. German Christmas specialties, in particular, are well-known and popular worldwide. Many have a rich and colorful history, and are crafted into complex patterns and shapes often associated with ancient symbolic meanings. The following recipes reflect these authentic traditions, even when adapted for the modern kitchen. Enjoy!

Alexander Torte
An East German cake with Latvian roots with raspberry jam sandwiched by shortcake garnished with a sugary lemon glaze.

Almond Berry (or Cherry) Torte
Delicious mix of nuts, chocolate and fruits. Makes a great cake to serve in the afternoon or birthdays.

Almond-Cherry Soufflés with a Warm German Chocolate Sauce
Rich and flavorful almond cherry soufflés are virtually fat free. Served with a warm German chocolate sauce with just the right amount of sweetness.

Angel Cookies – German Christmas Cookies
Small and flavorful, these cookies are an almond lover’s delight, sure to become family favorites.

Apple Chocolate Trifle
A whiskey tumbler filled with chocolate cake, caramelized apples, vanilla pudding and whipping cream makes a great dessert for the winter holiday season, especially a New Year’s Eve party.

Apple Pastry with Rosehip Cream
Rosehip preserves lend these apple puff pastry stacks a sweet tang, softened by whipped cream. Hazelnut, vanilla and white wine enrich the flavor.

Apple Strudel
This easy, simple version of traditional German Apple Strudel gets a head start by using store-bought phyllo dough.

Apple Surprise
These cooked apples hide a liqueur-flavored fruit cream inside.

Apple Zwieback Torte
Apple cake baked on a zwieback bottom crust with almonds and pistachio topped with an apricot preserve glaze.

Apricot-Cheese Cream with Manner Wafer Cubes
A simple dessert with blueberries and Manner Wafers mixed into a creamy apricot quark.

Apricots with Blue Cheese Filling
Sweet baked apricots infused with cherry brandy, adding a nice contrast to their creamy blue cheese filling.

Badischer Plum Cake (Pflaumenkuchen)
Some of Germany’s best plums come from Baden, and they’re the stars of this cake. Recipe courtesy of Roz Denny “Modern German Cooking.”

Baked Apples with Marzipan and Cranberry
An easy and festive dessert featuring apples baked with a filling of seasonal ingredients such as German marzipan, cranberries, and spices.

Baked German Cheesecake
A super rich baked cheesecake on a spongecake base, made with the German curd cheese called quark, whipping cream and sour cream. Prepare and make the cake the day before serving, so the cheesecake sets and develops its full flavor. Recipe from Roy Denny “Modern German Cooking.”

Baked Gingerbread Apples
Baked apples stuffed with chocolate and crumbled German gingerbread (Lebkuchen), garnished with whipping cream and crystallized ginger. A holiday treat!

Baumkuchen (German Tree Cake)
Bake a home version of the classic multi-layered cake.

Baumkuchen with Red Wine Jelly and Cherry Brandy
A beautiful layered and festive dessert made with red wine jelly and sour cherries, infused with cherry brandy (kirschwasser) and topped with vanilla sauce. This dessert is served in a martini glass or champagne flute. Recipe courtesy of Chef Ute Shepers

Bee Sting Cake
A buttery brioche cake with a caramel cream, named Bee Sting because it is glazed with honey just before baking.

Berlin King Cake
Berlin’s version of a “royal treatment”– a winter dessert featuring currants, raisins and candied lemon peel.

Berliner Pfannkuchen
German jelly-filled donuts, sold year-round at bakeries, but also a must-have staple during Karneval season. They are called Pfannkuchen in Berlin, Kreppel in Hessen, Krapfen in Southern Bavaria and Berliner just about everywhere else in Germany.

Billberry Marzipan Tarts
Succulent, fruity cake with shortcrust pastry, marzipan creme and topped with bilberries or blueberries.

Black Forest Cake
One of Germany’s most famous cake creations known all around the world, made with sour cherries, whipped cream and a chocolate cake base.

Black Forest Cherry Cream Dessert
Cherry flavors from the Black Forest abound in this custard, flavored with Kirschwasser (cherry brandy) and topped with pureed, preserved Morello cherries.

Black Forest Ice Cream Parfait
A parfait (layered ice cream dessert) with flavors of Germany’s Black Forest – cherries, raspberry preserves, and dark chocolate.

Blue Cheese and Walnut Apple Bake with Peppered Honey
The addition of blue cheese and walnuts to the winter seasonal favorite baked apples make a comfort food with bold flavors.

Brandenburg Egg Cookies
Cookies with eggs, cinnamon, and lemon, with sweet hazelnut topping.

Bremer Butterkuchen
This German sheet cake from Bremen is also known as “Zuckerkuchen” and is a favorite dessert at weddings, funerals or simple afternoon Kaffeeklatsch hours.

Cherry Currant Sorbet
This light sorbet brings together the great flavors of sour cherries and currants, supported by a hint of Creme de Cassis.

Cherry Soup with Cream of Wheat Dumplings
A wonderful cold fruit soup based on dark red sour cherries spiced with vanilla and cinnamon, garnished with little cream of wheat dumplings.

Cherry, Quark and Pumpernickel Trifle
A stunning dessert for holiday entertaining with colorful layers of shaved German pumpernickel, dark chocolate, cherries and flavored quark.

Chocolate and Cherry Torte
Make a light textured dark chocolate cake in the shape of a sponge flan base. Top with whipped cream and quark and either fresh raspberries or cherries in syrup with a little thickened juice from the fruits.

Chocolate Leaves with Asbach Uralt-Poached Pears & Grapefruit-Lemon Quark Mousse
This is an elaborate recipe, but with a spectacular result and layers of exquisite flavors! Superb.

Chocolate Oat Crispies
Fantastic crunchy oat snacks with chocolate and almond. Very easy to make, these chocolate oat crisps bring out the chocolate flavor and add the healthy properties of oats.

Chocolate Pudding with Fruit and Manner Wafer Cubes
Fruit and Manner Wafers mixed into a delectable chocolate pudding.

Chocolate Pumpernickel Pudding with Apricot-Raspberry Compote
A German chocolate almond pumpernickel pudding served with homemade spiced apricot raspberry compote. Rich and delicious!

Chocolate Quarktorte with Asbach Uralt Glaze
German chocolate quark cheesecake with a chocolate brandy cream glaze.

Chocolate Sauerkraut Cake with Boozy Cherries
Chef Olaf Mertens combines dark chocolate and well-flavored German sauerkraut to make a cake for fans of novel tastes.

Chocolate Soup
Use dark, organic chocolate for this indulgent soup created by Nic Prong, the your head chef at the “Ten Restaurant” in Ontario.

Chocolate Spice Bars – German Christmas Cookies
A classic German cookie, these spiced bars signal winter’s arrival and take culinary minds towards Christmas

Chocolate-Seeded Black Forest Cherries with Cherry Brandy Coulis
Sinful chocolate cherry bliss! Black Forest cherries stuffed with chocolate covered espresso beans, served with mint leaves, whipped cream and Kirschwasser (cherry brandy) Coulis (a thin fruit puree used as sauce or topping).

Cinnamon Stars – German Christmas Cookies
The quintessential Christmas cookie – crisp, cinnamon almond cookies cut into stars.

Cranberry Macadamia Oat Cookies
Wonderful tasting cookies with tart cranberries, full-bodied macadamia nuts and a healthy dose of oat cranberry muesli. Easy to make and great for an afternoon snack.

Crepes Flambés with Forest Berry Coulis
Raspberries and blackberries flavor the crepes and the filling in this dramatic flambé dessert. The forest berry flavors are reinforced with citrus and fruit liqueurs.

Crullers with Lemon Frosting
Delectable pastries frosted with a burst of lemon flavor.

Crunchy Honey Oat Triangles
These sweet, succulent honey-nut-oat cookies look great with white and dark chocolate swirls and are the grand finish of a great meal.

Crunchy Plum-Filled Potato Dumplings
Potato-Rusk dumplings with juicy plum filling are a favorite Southern German dessert. Served with vanilla sauce.

Dark Chocolate Cherry Cupcakes with Cherry Brandy Frosting
Delightful cupcakes with German flavors of dark chocolate, cherries, and cherry brandy (Kirschwasser). The bright pink frosting over chocolate makes them a perfect Valentine’s Day treat.

Dresden Christmas Stollen
This East German version of a Christmas classic is fragrant with butter, candied fruits, raisins, a little rum flavoring and dusted sugar. European law protects the origin of this historic specialty treat.

Dresdener Eierschnecke
Egg custard cake with a pie crust, vanilla quark layer, and egg-flavored top layer. A staple at Dresden cafes, it pairs deliciously with coffee.

Dark Gingerbread with Chocolate Chunks
German dark chocolate gingerbread cake full of deep, rich flavors looks great baked in a bundt pan and dusted with confectioners sugar.

Easter Cherry Cake
A festive-looking cake with a filling of cherries and cherry brandy, decorated with a creamy icing.

Eberswälder Spritzkuchen
Popular German crullers, these star-shaped deep-fried donuts are coated with powdered sugar and lemon juice or rum.

Egg Wreath
Classic German Christmas treat from Mecklenburg with sweet egg and lemon flavors.

Eggnog Cake
Chocolate-covered waffle rolls decorate the outside of this creamy favorite.

Emperor’s Cookies – German Christmas Cookies
Irresistible jam-filled Christmas cookies shaped like stars, hearts, or rounds. The round ones are also called Little Rascals (Spitzbuben).

Forest Berry Tiramisu
Traditional Tiramisu with a twist.

Frankfurter Kranz
A wreath-shaped butter cake from Frankfurt, with a buttercream filling and sprinkled with Krokant (nut brittle).

German Dark Chocolate Fudge Brownies with Black Cherry Preserves
The classic brownie, German style, with flavors of dark chocolate, black cherry, apple butter and honey. Recipe by Chef Jackie Newgent.

German Easter Cake
This holiday specialty cake is a little elaborate but visually spectacular with layers of flavors and decoration.

Gingerbread – German Christmas Cookies
Gingerbread or Lebkuchen combines the flavors of oriental spices and nuts with the world-class German baking skills. A must-have for the holiday season!

Gingerbread Cookies – German Christmas Cookies
The classic Christmas cookie recipe based on century-old baking traditions from Aachen and Nürnberg.

Glazed Lebkuchen Gingerbread Cookies – German Christmas Cookies
Sweet and richly spiced, German Christmas Ginger Lebkuchen cookies with chocolate and sugar glaze. A wonderfully fragrant, flavorful Christmas treat.

Glazed Lebkuchen Rounds – German Christmas Cookies
A recipe or homemade traditional German Lebkuchen, a flour-less spiced, soft gingerbread cookie baked on a wafer, with recipes for sugar and chocolate glazes.

Hazelnut Cookies – German Christmas Cookies
Cookies made of whole hazelnuts, flavored with a gingerbread spice.

Hazelnut Crown
A light hazelnut and walnut cake baked in a ring and decorated with simple glazing.

Hazelnut Macaroons – German Christmas Cookies
These macaroon cookies use hazelnuts instead of usual coconut. Topped with a whole hazelnut and baked on German thin baking wafers (Oblaten), they’re a great German Christmas cookie.

King of Hearts
A quick and easy dessert made from leftover German Christmas gingerbread (Lebkuchen) and chocolate ice cream.

Kirsch Marzipan Cookies – German Christmas Cookies
Cherry jam-filled almond cookie sandwiches decorated with drizzled melted chocolate. An elegant Christmas cookie with layers of flavor.

A traditional sweet dessert from the South West corner of Germany. Leftover, dry bread rolls are combined and softened with milk, egg and sugar, flavored with vanilla, cinnamon and nutmeg, and spiked with sweet or sour cherries. Baked in the oven, this sweet casserole completes a dinner.

Lebkuchen Bars – German Christmas Cookies
A classic German variation of a gingerbread cookie to make ahead for your Christmas cookie bin or stocking gifts. The dough needs to ripen overnight before baking.

Leipzig Carrot Cake
German carrot cake with chocolate frosting, a 19th century specialty made with carrots, almonds, rum and cinnamon.

Leipzig Larks
A pastry from Saxony made with a short crust, almonds, brandy and apricot jam, originally shaped like birds to satisfy the Saxon appetite for small fowl.

Lemon Almond Hearts
Pure ground almonds and lemon zest flavor these heart-shaped cookies which are then iced and decorated with colorful candies.

Lemon Cream Cake
A fluffy lemon cake that is perfect for any occasion.

Lübecker Makrönchen
Macaroons made with marzipan and coated with rich chocolate.

Manner Wafer Muffins
A classic muffin recipe with a nice crunch of Manner Wafers.

Marinated Fruit in Rum (Rumtopf)
Make this recipe in early summer, so it’s ready around Advent or Christmas. A traditional German holiday dessert of fermented fruits. Recipe courtesy of Roz Denny, Modern German Cooking.

Marshmallow Kisses Cake
Made with fresh German marshmallow chocolate treats (Schokoküsse). An exclusive recipe from Chef Alexander Haebe, Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Washington DC.

Marzipan Jubilee Torte
A splendid layered cake made with three fluffy biscuit layers, filled with vanilla-flavored whipped cream and topped by a chocolate-marzipan glaze.

Marzipan Nougat Roll
This biscuit roll is filled with a nutty nougat cream and a marzipan-rum cream, then topped with sweet apricot glaze.

Marzipan Surprise – German Christmas Cookies
These marzipan treats greet the Christmas holidays in black and white, covered with chocolate or sugar glaze.

Meissner Quark Cake
A Saxon version of the famous cream cake, yet with a much lighter filling of quark, a curd cheese.

Meringues with Rhubarb Cream
A stunning homemade meringue wreath with rhubarb cream and garnished with strawberries. Perfect spring combination of sweet and tart flavors.

Mini German Lebkuchen Cheesecake with Apricot Compote
Individually portioned cheesecakes with a German gingerbread cookie base and an apricot compote on top. Lighter then most cheesecakes, this is a great way to use leftover Lebkuchen from Christmas and serve during the months of late winter and early spring.

Morello Cherry & Cheese Souffle
Morello cherries marinated in lightly spiced wine and Kirschwasser (cherry brandy), nestled in an airy butter cheese soufflé. Makes for a delightful contrast in flavors and textures.

Non-Traditional Christmas Gingerbread House
Christmas gingerbread house in the shape of a townhouse with a garage and starry sky. Traditional flavors, modern architecture.

Nuremberg Apple Cake
Golden glazed apple slices baked with almond and fruit liqueur in a sweet cake dough shell.

Old Berlin Apple Cake
Apple Cake recipe from Germany’s capital with rum and raisins.

Plum Sheet Cake
Plum Cake recipe with ground walnuts, butter, and sugar.

Potsdamer Festtagskuchen
This pastry named after its place of origin, is a delightful blend of fruit and delicate pastry.

Pumpernickel Ice Cream with Cranberries
A most unusual ice cream flavored with pumpernickel bread and German chocolate, served with cranberries.

Raspberry Jelly Roll
A raspberry jam-filled rolled cake perfect for the spring and summer months.

Raspberry-Vanilla Trifle with Macaroons
This trifle made with raspberries custard is garnished with crushed macaroons. A dessert with literary history, as it was mentioned in Thomas Mann’s great novel “The Buddenbrooks.”

Red Berry Pudding with Vanilla Sauce
This berry pudding contains red currants mixed with other summer berries, topped with a homemade vanilla sauce. Recipe courtesy of Nadia Hassani “Spoonfuls of Germany.”

Rhubarb Sheet Cake
This fast and easy recipe balances tart rhubarb flavors with sweet raisins in a simple sheet cake that is a spring favorite in Germany.

Rosehip Cinnamon Mousse
Using wine, gelatin, and rosehip jam a light mousse is formed.

Rote Grütze
One of the most popular German summer desserts, this recipe combines the flavors and textures of several fresh summer berries. Serve in dessert glasses with vanilla sauce, whipped cream, or ice cream.

Saxon Easter Cake
Easter Cake from Saxony with quark, almonds, currants and brandy or rum.

Schittchen (Erfurt Stollen)
Erfurt Stollen with raisins, almonds, lemon, brands or rum. A staple at the Erfurt Christmas Market, the stollen cake dates back to the 14th century.

Spaghetti Ice Cream
A vanilla ice cream dish that looks like spaghetti, topped with a strawberry or cherry coulis (sauce).

Spiced Honey Slices (Honigkuchen)
Honey gingerbread flavored cake squares with crushed hazelnuts, a casual and tasty year-round dessert or after school snack.

Spiced Honey Squares – German Christmas Cookies
Simple gingerbread square are brushed with wild flower honey and decorated with ground walnuts. A great German Christmas cookie based on traditional Lebkuchen.

Spreewälder Mohnpielen
Delicious poppy seed concoction somewhere between a pudding and a cake.

Spritz Cookies – German Christmas Cookies
A German Christmas cookie with a buttery hazelnut, almond and other tree nut base and commonly shaped like the letter ‘S’.

Stollen Bread and Butter Pudding
Traditional Christmas Stollen fruit bread gives this delicious bread pudding a nice touch. Great for using left over post-holiday Stollen.

Stollen Bread Pudding with Chocolate Chunks & Caramelized Bananas
A stunning bread pudding with brandy, chocolate and caramelized bananas for holiday dessert or brunch. German Christmas Stollen made with bread pudding easy and delicious, because they already come flavored with currants, almonds, orange zest and cinnamon.

Strawberry Rhubarb Trifle
Classic strawberry-rhubarb flavors in a German-style trifle, with layers of meringue, rhubarb cream and fresh strawberries.

Strawberry Tartlets
Spring strawberry tartlets combine a white wine flavored creme fraiche (or sour cream) with fresh sweet strawberries.

Streuselkuchen mit Kirschen (Cherry Streusel Cake)
Similar to cherry pie with the addition of crumble (streusel).

“Sweet Venison” Chocolate Cake
An East German chocolate frosted cake favorite, bristling with almonds to look like a wild deer hide.

Tangerine Coconut Cake
A lemon cake with a filling of whipped cream, tangerines and coconuts makes a perfect summertime cake.

Tart Cherry Ice Cream
Homemade cherry ice cream, with a hint of brandy.

is dedicated to raising awareness and appreciation of German and Central European cuisine. Find hundreds of authentic recipes, contemporary meal ideas, and guides to the region’s diverse food cultures. Browse 1,100+ imported food and beverage products for sale. This website is maintained by German Foods North America, LLC, an independent importer and retailer based in Washington, DC.

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Recipes for Authentic German Main Dishes

Abraham’s Speck Dish
A composed meal of grilled slices of German ham, caramelized leeks, spiced butternut squash, and potatoes with an Ice Wine vinegar reduction.

Asparagus with Shrimp and Wild Garlic Hollandaise
A lovely main dish of white asparagus and fine German ham and a creamy gouda sauce.
Asparagus-Ham Cream and Ribbon Noodles
A main dish of noodles with green asparagus and fine German ham and a creamy gouda sauce.

Beef Brisket with Red Cabage
A on-pot meal for your pressure cooker, this beef brisket cooks with root vegetbales, red cabbage and pears.

Beef Rouladen with Pan Gravy
A classic German recipe for seasoned beef rolls ina savory brown sauce stuffed with bacon and caramelized onions. Serve with spaetzle. A family favorite.

Beef Topside with Potato Dumplings and Brussel Sprouts
In honor of St Patrick’s Day we recommend this German variation on corned beef and cabbage

Berlin-Meets-Beijing Salmon and Stir Fry
Broiled East-West salmon served over a stir fry of noodles, cabbage and sauerkraut. Quick and easy recipe with sophisticated flavors.

Black Forest Chicken Cordon Bleu
A delicious German take on the familiar Cordon Blue using Limburger cheeses and authentic Black Forest ham (prociutto).

BLT Bavarian-Style
A german inspired twist on the classic BLT sandwich using German whole-grain breads, Bavarian mustard, and a Bavarian black pepper bacon. Recipe courtesy of Chef Marcel Biro.

Boiled Beef with Green Sauce
A one-pot meal, boiled beef with vegetables with a creamy green herb and chopped egg sauce. Typical dish from Hesse, Germany.

Braised Pork with Horseradish Sauce
Marinated, braised and roasted pork is “shreddibly” tender, then finished with a horseradish sour cream sauce. Created for by Chef Hans Rockenwagner.

Brandenburg Lamb
Diced lamb with onions served with green beans and potatoes in a dish from the German city of Brandenburg

Brandenburger Kohlroulade
Stufffed Cabbage rolls sautted with bacon in a creamy tomato sauce. Serve with potatoes.

Buletten (Cold-cut Hamburgers)
A ground beef hamburger mixed with onions, bread crumbs and ketchup, fried well done and refrigerated over night. Consumed best with hot mustard and a cool German beer.

Cambozola Strudel
Strudel stuffed with German Cambozola cheese, caramelized onions and savory vegetables, in a roasted red pepper coulis

Chef Olaf’s Spaetzle Bake
A baked spaetzle casserole dish made with double smoked bacon, Black Forest ham and Emmentaler cheese. Recipes courtesy of Chef Olaf Mertens

The classic Bavarian Jaeger schnitzel presents pork cutlets in a savor mushroom-pepper sauce. Courtesy Chef Ludger Szmania.

Chicken Potato Burgers
A light and tasty German twist on a traditional Hamburger made with Bacarian potato pancakes and sliced chicken breasts.

Choucroute Garni
The classic Alsatian dressed sauerkraut dish combines chocken, spices, crunchy German sauerkraut and sausages. A fragrant, savory main dish perfect for the fall.

Colorful Grilled Skewers
Grilled skewers (kebobs) are hugely popular in Germany. This flavorful version uses different types of meat – beef, pork, lamb, veal – as well as onions, bell peppers and sage.

Creamy Potato Pumpkin Skillet
A colorful and nutritious skillet starring pumpkin, potatoes, arugula, and a creamy spiced parmesan sauce – the epitome of fall comfort food.

Crispy Potato Pancakes with Quick Herring Salad
This tasty herring salad with home-made potato pancakes make a great light supper with German flavors.

Currant-Glazed Pork Tenderloin with Red Cabbacge & Thyme Dumplings
German flavors abound in his dinner – pork tenderloin, red currants, red cabbage and thyme potato dumplings – perfect for fall supper

Dark Beer-Marinated BBQ Chicken
Grilled chicken marinated in German flavors of dark beer, mustard, lemon and herbs. Great German barbecue.

Dragon Skewers
These colorful and flavorful skewers feature lamb, fresh pumpkin and
Zucchini, served with thyme-infused potato wedges and a refreshing yogurt dip.

Fish Cakes with Green Sauce
Little fish cakes made from white fish fillets and grated potato with a creamy spring herb sauce. Traditionally eaten on Good Friday (Karfreitag) in Germany.

German Beef “Pot Roast” with Raisins
German Sauerbrate in the manner of the Rheinland, where a beef roast is marinated for several days in spices, vegetbales and vinegar.

German Cheese Fondue
A basic fondue recipe using German cheese and wine.

German Cheese Raclette Party
Surprise your family and friends with a fun and easy evening based around a communal raclette pan with melted German , Austrian or Swiss cheese

German Chili Dog
A big hit at parties with a distinctive style: hot dogs with chili, beans, sweet corn and bacon.

German Ham and Onion Tart
Made with tender white oats, crunchy walnuts and a dash of nutmeg, this poular German specialty makes a light, delicious and healthy dinner.

German Meatball Sandwich
The meatball in this sandwich are made with finely chopped vegetables, then sliced in half and stuffed with a layer of cream cheese and Emmentaler, radish, cucumber or tomato. A tasty and nutritious vegetarian variation of the beef meatball sandwich.

German Pigs in a Blanket
This easy German version of Pigs in a Blanket starts with crustless bread and uses flavor options like Berlin curry ketchup, Swabian Gherkins, and Duesseldorf mustard.

Goose Breast with Potato Dumplings, Red Cabbage and Chestnuts
A festive entrée with all flavors of a traditional German holiday – succulent goose, potato dumplings, red cabbage infused with red wine and spices, and caramelized chestnuts.

Grilled Apricot Duck Breast over Crispy Potato Cake with a Fresh Apricot Blackberry Compote
Spiced apricot sauced duck breasts are grilled and served over herbed potato pancakes with fresh blackberry apricot compote. An elegant grilled entrée for entertaining.

Grilled Meats and Veggies with Baked Potatoes
A German-style grilled meal including mixed meat-cuts, sausages, and vegetables, herbed Quark stuffed potatoes and brie stuffed baked tomatoes. A Grillfest!

Grilled Medallions of Pork in Black Cherry-Pepper Sauce with Speatzle and Braised Fennel
The sweet tartness of black cherries perfectly contrasts grilled pork, with just a hint of black pepper. Recipe courtesy of Chef Marcel Biro

Grilled Pork Chops in a Dark Beer Marinade
These German grilled pork chops marinate overnight in dark beer (best is Düsseldorf Altbier) which boost their flavor and makes them incredibly tender.

Grilled Summer Vegetable Sandwich
The epitome of summer flavor! Grilled bell pepper, eggplant, zuchhini and oyster mushrooms, combined with aromatic basil and crisp lettuce.

Heavenly Hot Dog with Authentic Wiener Sausage
Authentic wiener hot dog with coleslaw and crème fraiche – a quick and convenient lunch.

Holiday Strudel with Mustard Sauce
A great Oktoberfest or holiday party treat with German flavors. Strudel with apples, sauerkraut and knackwurst (or bratwurst), and topped with a sweet mustard cream sauce.

Holstein Schnitzel
Veal schnitzel topped with an egg and surrounded by a ring of tasty smoked salmon, anchovy and herring toasts, as well as a scattering of capers or chopped gherkins. A colorful and traditional regional main dish from Northern Germany.

Hot and Crusty Frankfurter Rolls

Hungarian Sausage and Bean Stew
A hearty Austro-Hungarian bean stew with spicy Hungarian salami, smoked baconm red peppers, gherkins and curry sauce.

Hüsumer Fresh Cod on Zwieback
A great fish dish with zucchini and tomatoes. Easy to make as a snack or main dish. Use fresh cod, halibut or canned herring.

Indian – German Chicken Casserole
Chicken breast sautéed in onions and garlic, simmered in chicken broth and flavored with spicy curry ketchup, yogurt and raisins.

Spaetzle with Emmentaler cheese and fried onions typical of the Baden Wuerttemberg region.

Kohlrabi Gratin
Kohlrabi and Potato gratin with ham and hazelnuts

Lentil Vegetable Soup with Smoked Pork Shanks
Healthy lentils and vegetables with smoked lean pork meat from the shank and delicious spices and herbs

Little Gourmet Skewers
These little skewers with their mix of different kinds of meat provide you with a solid serving of protein, the essential body building blocks.

Marinated Fried Herring
A popular dish from Northern Germany made of fried herrings that marinade for several days. Serve with pan-fried potatoes.

Mini-Wini Sheriff Toast
For Cowboys or those who want to be one. Tasty mini sausages made in Germany with cream cheese and bell peppers

Mushroom-Noodle Bake with Cheese
Rich satisfying, easy to make and serve, this German cheese casserole uses mushrooms, bacon, cheese, sour cream, white wine and noodles. Easy party food.

Oktoberfest Roast Chicken
Traditional Oktoberfest spit-roasted chicken with crispy skin and moist meat in this recipe adapted for the home.

Oldenburger Grünkohl
A traditional German winter dish of kale cooked very slowly with onions and bits of pork belly, pork chops and sausages.

Onion Tart with Emmentaler Cheese
A savory onion cake with the flavors of bacon and German Emmentaler cheese that gets a quick start by using a prepared pie crust. Onion cakes are very popular in Germany’s wine-growing regions and often served with freshly fermented wine (Federweisse)

Original Leipzig Hodgepodge
The original recipe for Leipzig’s famous vegetable hodgepodge. A rich mélange of crayfish and seasonal vegetables.

Pears, Beans and Bacon
A traditional Northern German stew and great flavor combination.

Pichelsteiner Stew
The famous Bavarian One-Pot dish with all kinds of meats and healthy winter vegetables.

Poached Cod
Poached Cod with a vegetable cream sauce. A straightforward version of the traditional dish from the Baltic Seas island of Ruegen.

Pork Knuckles in Beer Sauce
Crusty, crunchy pork knuckels baked in dark beer with vegetables is a classic Bavarian dish.

Pork Loin au Gratin with Curry Sauce
A cousin of the Berlin curry sausage, the pork is fried and topped with genuine German curry ketchup.

Pork Loin with Asparagus
Browned pork loin cutlets with tender asparagus and a creamy onion pickle sauce with chervil

Pork Roast with Potato Dumplings
Pork loin seasoned with herbs and bacon and roasted with red wine and vegetables. Serve with German potato dumplings and red cabbage.

Pork Stir Fry
Quick and tasty German stir fried dish made from sliced pork, snow peas, mushrooms and onions in a light cream sauce, served with German spaetzle

Pork Tenderloin with Sweet Mustard Crust, Potato Pancakes, Brussel Sprouts with Black Forest Ham and Dark Beer Sauce
A golden sweet mustard crusted pork tenderloin served atop potato pancakes, with Black Forest ham ad onion flavored leaves of Brussel sprouts, and a reduction of dark beer and jus.

Portabella Schnitzel with Camambert and Garlic Potato Rosettes
This modern meatless “Schnitzel” originated in Wisconsin, created by Chef Marcel Biro

Potato Dumplings “Hairy” and “Filled”
These potato dumplings are coarsely grated, which makes them look “hairy.” A variation is dumplings stuffed with ground beef or liver pate. Served with bacon gravy and sauerkraut.

Potato Hash from Saarland
This oven baked potato-leek hash is a signature dish of Saarland (South-Western Germany). A variation of this dish is called “Schales”

Potato Pancake with Caramelized Onions and Apple Sauce
Using a mix makes these potato pancakes quick and easy the added flavors of apple sauce, caramelize onions and sour cream or quark makes them a delicious meal.

Prociutto and Sauerkraut Tart
An easy dish made from pantry ingredients such as pizza dough, just add a green salad to make it a meal

Proud Henry, Brats in Vinegar Caper Sauce
Bratwurst are browned and served with a sauce flavored with beer, capers, lemon and vinegar

Rat Tails
This German dish from Hamelin gets its name from the Pied Piper legend – but really it’s a delicious was to prepare pork loin with a vegetable cream sauce. Serve with rice and salad.

Red Cabbage Rouladen
A stuffed cabbage rouladen (thin beef or pork cuts) from Germany using red cabbage, ground beef or pork and simple seasonings.

Red Cabbage Stuffed Pork Loin with Bavarian Mustard Sauce
Bavarian mustard seasoned roasted pork loin stuffed with German flavors of pumpernickel (whole grain breads) red cabbage, and raisins. Served with pan juices, reinforced with more Bavarian mustard and pepper.

Rhineland Sauerbraten with Altbier
Of the many versions of Sauerbraten, this one uses dark Altbier in the marinating stage. Courtesy of Chef Ludger Szmania.

Roast Beef Sandwiches with Asparagus and Wild Garlic Pesto
A sophisticated and satisfying sandwich of thin roasted beef slices, green and white asparagus, cream cheese, tomato slices and wild garlic pesto on toasted bread. Yum!

Roast Goose with Liver Pate Stuffing and Red Currant Glazed Peaches
Succulent and tender roast glazed with peaches and red currants, a liver pate stuffing, and rye bread dumplings – a special version of a traditional German holiday meal.

Roast Pork Loin in Bavarian Beer Sauce
Pork loin marinated overnight in German honey, mustard and beer, then roasted and served with a jus and Beurre Marie sauce. Served with glass of Bavarian beer beer.

Rustic Tart with Caramelized Onions, Apples and Red Cabbage
A quick and easy caramelized onion tart with the sweet taste of German red cabbage and apples. Perfect as a light evening meal. Just add a green salad.

Chef St. John-Grubb’s version of the classic German dish

Sauerkraut and Prosciutto Tray Pizza
A tasty, healthy pizza with sauerkraut, onion, Black Forest prosciutto, tomato and Emmentaler cheese as toppings.

Sauerkraut Spaetzle with German Sausages
Traditional Swabian Kraut spaetzle dish served at German fairs and homes.

Sauerkraut Turkey Burgers with Emmentaler Cheese
A fresh take on burgers from Germany – made with ground turkey, sauerkraut, Emmentaler cheese, and caraway seeds

Sausage Skewers with Mango and Bell Pepper
With only three ingredients, this dish is surely simple. The mango brings unexpected color and flavor to grilled sausage skewers

Sauteed Beef Strips “Geschnetzeltes” in Curry Sauce
A well known German dish of thinly cut, sautéed strips of steak or filet mignon in a creamy curry sauce flavored with red wine, chanterelle mushrooms and mild curry sauce.

Schwäbische Maultaschen (Swabian Ravioli)
Maultaschen are ravioli-type German pasta stuffed with various fillings, such as fresh spinach, meat or cheese. A specialty from Baden Wuerttemberg.

Smoked Trout and Salmon Sandwiches
Smoked salmon and smoked trout combine with cucumber slices and a dill butter almond spread for a great summer sandwich.

Soured Beef Short Ribs
A marinated short ribs and Bavarian dumpling dish complement a German barbecue evening. From Chef Olaf Mertens, based on his German grandmother’s recipe.

Spreewälder Kalbsbraten
Savory herb stuffed roast veal served with roasted sour cream potatoes.

Spring Salad with Seared Por Tenderloin in Wild Garlic Pesto Dressing
This sophisticated spring salad features seared pork tenderloins over an unusual mixture of greens, with a wild garlic pesto

Stir-Fry Noodles with Rosehip-Balsamic Sauce
German-Asian fusion dish with healthy ingredients and a tangy rosehip sauce

Tyrolian Stuffed Veal Cutlet
Simple breaded veal cutlets with a filling of mozzarella, basil and tomatoes

Stuttgarter Spätzle
German comfort food – spaetzle made with ham, red onions, Emmentaler chees and wilted mache salad greens

Sweet and Sour Bockwurst
The Far East variation of an old German favorite, with mixed Asian vegetables and sour cream.

Tafelspitz with Horseradish Sauce
Tender beef, bild in a vegetable sud, is a light and delicious main course for many occasions.

Turkey “Geschnetzeltes” with Vegetable-Herb Sauce and Potato-Carrot Roesti
Strips of turkey breats are sautéed with vegetbales and herbs and a creamy white wine sauce. Serve with roesti. “Geschnetzeltes” refers to a specific popular German dish with thinly cut strips of meat in a creamy sauce. Courtesy of Chef Armin Rossmeier.

Turkey Skewers with Hot Blackberries
Juicy skewers with grilled turkey breast, squash and onions, drizzled with a flavorful blackberry sauce and served with grilled slices of baguette.

Westphalian Ham on Potato Pancakes with Parsley Sour Cream
Golden homemade potato pancakes decked out in seasoned parsley sour cream and topped with smoked cured Westphalian ham

Wiener Schnitzel
The classic Wiener Schnitzel, a thin slice of veal coated in breadcrumbs and fried, traditionally served with a lemon slice

Zesty Grilled Salmon with Creamy Noodles and Vegetables
Grilled salmon with the German flavors of Bavarian horseradish and mustard, served over German egg noodles, broccoli and wilted spinach with a creamy sauce.

Zwieback Pizza
For young and old, vegetable and pepperoni on a Zwieback pizza floor

is dedicated to raising awareness and appreciation of German and Central European cuisine. Find hundreds of authentic recipes, contemporary meal ideas, and guides to the region’s diverse food cultures. Browse 1,100+ imported food and beverage products for sale. This website is maintained by German Foods North America, LLC, an independent importer and retailer based in Washington, DC.

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