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10 Reasons to Entertain at Home

10 Reasons to Entertain at Home

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Save money and get a head start on spring cleaning by keeping the party at home

You'll love these excuses to party at home!

Congratulations! You just survived another manic holiday season.

The decorations are packed away nice and tight and that New Year's resolution to lose a couple of pounds is, well, still something you're sticking to. You've spent more money in the mad holiday rush than you will for the rest of the year and you're still recovering from the social treadmill that is December. And with the cold temperatures finally here, movie night at home, on the couch, beckons. The last thing you want to do is step foot out of that door for anything other than welcoming the morning newspaper.

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But as insane as the winter season can be, after the holidays we often find ourselves missing the cheer that kept us so close together. Having a party at home is the perfect way to cure the winter blues.

Hosting a bash in the comfort of your own home has quite a few bonuses that a bar or hall cannot provide. For instance, getting to enjoy free-flowing, delicious cocktails without worrying about transportation is a huge perk.

Entertaining at home also gives you a chance to get a head start on spring cleaning. (What else are you going to do when it's snowing outside and you're rocking out to your favorite iTunes playlist?) You'll save money by hosting that wine tasting or potluck dinner party at home rather than going out. Plus, if you really want to keep those PJs on, you can — just make sure it's a breakfast-for-dinner themed party (or sleepover).

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